Nick Billings is a Melbourne based professional commercial photographer specialising in high-quality photography for the property development, architecture, interior design, hospitality, design & advertising, real estate and construction industries.


 With over 18 years of experience in the industry and AIPP professional accreditation, Nick Billings has the ability to understand your needs and showcase your product, property, shop or service in a unique, refreshing way.


 Focussing on composition and dynamic points of view, Nick Billings has developed his skills across various styles of photography and utilises this knowledge to capture stunning photos in a variety of lighting conditions including low light and long exposure.


His work has been published and featured in a range of magazines and publications, client collateral and websites, and he is currently the in-house photographer at zeroG Marketing & Communications.


To see more of Nick Billings’ work, go to www.zerog.com.au or browse this website for a range of samples.


Call 0413 329 611 to discuss your next project.